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Windmills and Pumps

New and 2nd hand Used Windmill Fan Repairs & Contractors in Perth, WA

Allwest Windmills and Pumps offer a wide range of rural water supplies and windmill fan repair services to match your needs.

We also offer an onsite service for all of your repairs, installations and maintenance. We have a crane truck and a range of earth moving machines to carry out your required works, plus much more.

A windmill is a windpump used for pumping water from a water source to a specified destination.

Windmills are proven technology that offers superior benefits over any other pumping system. They can operate in conditions that other systems find impossible, but best of all they outlast all other mechanical methods of moving water. Windmills are self sufficient, their demand for maintenance is less and offer proven operating reliability for safety of water supply.

Windmills are ideal for remote areas as they eliminate the need to transport fuel or install expensive power lines.

Our full range of new, used and reconditioned Windmills include the makes below:

At Allwest Windmills, we stock and supply all parts for your windmill and water distribution system including:

  • windmill pumps
  • pump compensators
  • pump buckets and spares
  • valves (foot, check, float, ball and gate)
  • Alderdice distributor
  • poly, brass and galv screwed fittings
  • air chambers
  • syphon pumps
  • submersible pumps
  • solar pumps
  • metric and rural pipe and fittings (cut length or rolls)
  • Onga pumps, repairs and parts
  • Pump master pumps, repairs and parts

Please don't hesitate to contact us if an item you require is not listed above.

Whether your pumping need is for livestock, irrigation, household, de-watering, or a garden water supply, Allwest Windmills and Pumps can help you with the right size windmill or repair needed. We carry a full range of parts and accessories.

For an obligation free quote on a Windmill pumping system, please head to our contact page.

We can supply a detailed quotation outlining all the components required for the perfect installation for your site.

Get a quote today! In need of water supplies in Western Australia?

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